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If you are reading this, you must be new around here. Hi, I am Elle-Kate, now that’s the introductions over and done  with, guessing you came to this page to learn a little bit more about me.

Growing up I was obsessed with social media, like most my age. However, I turned this love into a hobby, sharing my thoughts, feelings and emotions on the beauty world. Slowly this became possibly the proudest thing I could have created in my life… and I have a degree.

I am passionate about cruelty-free beauty, something which was brought to my attention by my wonderful pet beagle ‘buddy’. Fashion, has also played a massive role in my life, following high school I went on to study Fashion Business and later Fashion Communications at Northumbria University. 


Get To Know | elle-kate

Favorite Travel Spot:   Orlando, Florida

Can’t Live Without:   Sadly my phone…

Must Have Accessory:   Sunglasses

Best Advice:   Be confident and stay positive

Describe yourself in one Word:   Drama Queen

Secret Talent:   Losing everything, all the time!

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