Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall – Ishga Treatments Review

Welcome back to my all new website, Fancy earning yourself a free Ishga facial at Seaham Hall? Keep reading to the end of this post to discover how.  On Friday night, Seaham Hall was kind enough to invite my mum and me along to a night of Ishga enlightenment. Our experience was fully cruelty-free and vegan, including the food. We were also lucky enough to dine with one of the founders of Ishga, learning so much more about this fantastic brand. One thing I have to add as always, this was a gifted experience!  Where is Seaham Hall?  If you hav[...]

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Mouth of the Tyne Festival | Sam Fender | ELLEKATE

Happy Saturday! If you were not aware from my stupid amount of Instagram story posts, the other night we managed to go along to Mouth of the Tyne to see Sam Fender play the home stage - and my god was it one HELL of a night.  We arrived ready for the forecast of lightning storms and non-stop rain. Personally, I rocked up in a yellow fisherman's raincoat and stomping ground boots. Despite this we got nothing but glorious sunshine - leaving me sweating, ditching the jacket and spending the rest of the evening in my Snoop Dog t-shirt... Did manage to get our[...]


Ultimate Packing Guide | ELLEKATE

Hey Guys, So in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a mini series for all you all about my holiday in Florida. Today I have the next post all here and gleaming for you all to read about... PACKING! The worlds most hated - but needed activity. I know that time I seriously struggled with packing,getting all the little bits and peices together ant just generally having a clue as to what on earth was going on. Being my first time going away long-haul and by myself (I mean I was with Dan but let's face it the planning and organising of this entire trip[...]


Seaside walks │ Photography

Slightly different post today, I've been trying to get back into the swing of everything over these past few week but honestly I'm grouchy and tired, not only that but I haven't been well for a few months now, I'm sick of it and felt like the best answer to the situation would be some fresh air and a brisk walk. Also, I decided to bring my trusty camera along for the ride resulting in these. Hope you enjoy x[...]


The Nightwear Before Christmas

A few days till Christmas Eve everybody. Have no plans on what you should do the night before the big day, No worries I have you covered.. I’m getting seriously deep into the Christmas spirit. I have drank far too many Starbuck Eggnog Lattes for a start, in the fear of being without them for another 11 months. For my family Christmas Eve is just as important as the big day itself for mine its even bigger, its my Dads birthday. As a tradition we will normally go out with our rather extensive group of friends for a nice meal, movie or my favourite time was bowlin[...]



Today has been quite an exciting day! When we all arrived at the university we heard rumours about a trip to the big apple around the school in February, however after months of waiting and hearing nothing we decided that it wasn't going to happen.... but IT IS! We have just got the confirmation letter sent a few hours ago, and being the mature eighteen year old that I am my parents have decided to let me go ( aka about 6 hours of begging them to let me) No deposits or anything haven't happened yet but I have been holding back basically my student loan just in ca[...]


Edinburgh Adventures

Sunday was a long day coming, For Jacks birthday present I thought it would be nice to take him to the land of the Scotts, I got so excited I ended up blurting it out to him well before I should have... I had got way to excited, sleeping the night before was impossible even thought we had to be up at 6.45! It was a jam packed day of shopping through Princes St., hikes up to the castle, strolls down the royal mile, Derby day blow outs, peaceful pandas and finally hard rock pig outs. But for this blog I just want to let the pictures tell stories.[...]


YSL: Style Is Eternal at The Bowes Museum

Today was an early morning for the Harkins Clan, We all have a busy schedule and fitting in time for a nice day out is a hard thing to do, But this morning we all decided that we would push some time to go to the Yves Saint Laurent show at the Bowes museum. Not too far from where we live but still too far to travel by bus and be back home in time for work. I have always loved car journeys they remind me of the times when we would pack the car up early on a Friday morning, and drive away for a lovely weekend in the Lake District. By the time we had gotten half way[...]


Florida Vacation │ Family Photobook

Fall is upon us! However I am still waiting for more sunshine having returned from the sunshine state only around three days ago, I'm happy sad to be home as I begin my University corse I week today which is all good! But having to adjust from 35 degrees to less than 10 degrees... lets just say it has been a challenge. Like I promised I have loads of lovely products to share with you all in a haul, but for now whist I get all my things unpacked and prepare myself for my new course I thought I would leave you all with a few photos from Me and my wonderful family's[...]