Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall – Ishga Treatments Review

Welcome back to my all new website, Fancy earning yourself a free Ishga facial at Seaham Hall? Keep reading to the end of this post to discover how.  On Friday night, Seaham Hall was kind enough to invite my mum and me along to a night of Ishga enlightenment. Our experience was fully cruelty-free and vegan, including the food. We were also lucky enough to dine with one of the founders of Ishga, learning so much more about this fantastic brand. One thing I have to add as always, this was a gifted experience!  Where is Seaham Hall?  If you hav[...]

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Georganics Toothpaste Review │ ELLEKATE

(For some time I have had this post at the ready, but due to recent events I never felt like blogging! This company was worth the wait for, hope you all enjoy this post)Morning!If you follow me on my other socials then you will know that over the past few days I have been trying out a new product, kindly sent to me by the folks over at Georganics! They were kind enough to send out both their 'Charcoal toothpaste' and their 'Oil Pulling Charcoal Mouthwash'. Now, you all know I love a good honest review, so I thought I would give you a little run through of how I us[...]


Adore Me │ Fall Love Book

Hey,So I'm back again with one of my all time favourite companies, Adore me. If you cast your mind back to last winter. I did a post called the 'The Nightwear Before Christmas', showing all my favourites from their latest collection that I would love to have owned along with all the things I love to do on the night before Christmas. This time I am back working with them, but on a fall inspiration board.Personally, I feel so much better heading out for the day with a matching set of underwear (even though nobody can see it) and some nice shade of lipstick to match[...]


Date Night Ideas │ ELLEKATE

Date Nights.Now that I have to travel about a half hour on the train to see my boyfriend, we kinda now have to organise and plan out our nights ahead of time rather than just sitting in my room watching endless Netflix. Regardless, wether you live away from you love or if you are just wanting some ideas to help with keeping the relationship interesting, then I have been thinking about some ideas which you can try out.Not so long ago I would sit and search through article upon article on Pinterest, trying to find ideas of what would be a nice idea for the day / nig[...]