It’s official, we’re working from home | Day 6 of 90

Hey guys, So if you couldn't tell already, today's post. Although continuing my day in day out life. We're officially no longer working from the office, but for the foreseeable future, you'll find me with my cuppa, sat at my makeshift desk watching rubbish on Netflix. As I'm sat resting now, my head feels weak. We're only at the first hurdle, and oh my. Although I've managed to maintain an active lifestyle up till now, a frequent gym routine, healthy diet, and all-round feeling good about my wellbeing. I've cried countless times, out of fear and confusion. Which[...]


Illness, Quarantine and Keeping Sane | Day 5 of 90

*tumbleweed* Hey Everyone, Well, ouch. It's been a while. Something which started as me leaving my charger at work, then became me struggling to catch my tail after the weekend, and finally, I got sick. Do I feel like I've failed? Yes, slightly. I should be well into my fourteenth day! Let's use this opportunity to get back on the right track and welcome new beginnings for this challenge. Rather than giving up, we're just going to pick up from where we left off. Firstly, I feel as in everything which is happening at the moment. I was poorly. As no shock, a lot[...]


Favourite Cruelty Free Beauty Brands | ELLEKATE

Good Morning,In the past ive posted the occasional post towards my cruelty free ways on the blog, but mainly in facebook rants into how people are still oblivious to the fact of what actually happens in these testing facilities. But, do not worry, today we are talking all about the best cruelty free brands that are on the market. Some are at high street prices, others, not so much. Ive made sure that I have left out all the brand which have parent companies which do test, as I know some people prefer that there is no involvement what so ever. Getting straight in[...]


Real Talk | ELLEKATE

It's time for some real talk.It has come to my awareness, for some time now that I have been rather distant, from here (blogging), from my social life and from my work life.that's down to my mental health.A subject nobody seems to want to talk about, but after a conversation with a good friend today, I've realised it's important, to be honest with not only myself but the people I hold dearest.Though I could sit here all day and give you the long dramatic life story about how poor young Elle was left scared by a long spell of bullying and mental torture. However, y[...]


Date Night Ideas │ ELLEKATE

Date Nights.Now that I have to travel about a half hour on the train to see my boyfriend, we kinda now have to organise and plan out our nights ahead of time rather than just sitting in my room watching endless Netflix. Regardless, wether you live away from you love or if you are just wanting some ideas to help with keeping the relationship interesting, then I have been thinking about some ideas which you can try out.Not so long ago I would sit and search through article upon article on Pinterest, trying to find ideas of what would be a nice idea for the day / nig[...]