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90 Days to a Better Me? | Day 1 of 90

A few weeks ago, I posted online that I'd begun a personal self-journey to get into better shape and health. Even though I would say right now, I'm proudly heading in the right direction. Since starting I've come to the realisation, by giving in on myself I'd gained weight but also lost touch with this blog which is something I am immensely proud of a once LOVED today. Recently, a blogger called Cassey Ho otherwise known as Blogilates has gone through a slightly similar venture as my own. A wish to change her reflection on her current outlook on life. Going on a[...]



Happy 2019! Hope you all had the best Christmas & New Years. Cause, I spent mine working -mainly- BUT still had a wonderful time chilling with my family and friends. So, you can probably tell from the title of this post about what I am going to talk about, however, let me just give a little disclaimer. Your girl is well aware that I have been very much spoilt this festive season, this post is not at ALL a case of me bragging about what I received, I’d be lucky no matter what I received but I wanted to just share that with all y’all! ….I am a Gucci mam[...]


Time To Close This Chapter | ELLEKATE

It began with dreams, high hopes.Daily I would be reminding myself that I should allow to take each day as it comes, not just overthinking what had already came to be. But, as the days would go by for some bizarre reason I found it getting worse. Come summer I thought I had hit a high, but let's just say I may as well had taken one step forward and ten back.As much as I would love to sit here, getting into full depth over how my life came to end me deciding not to celebrate the ending of 2017; but that's not something I don't think I could be emotionally ready to[...]


Something from IT | ELLEKATE

Autumn.Blissfully, my favorite time of the year, from the warming colours, wrapping yourself up in big warm blankets and going for long walks. There is just something about it! The other week, my girl Jess was home for a few days back from Leeds, and what would an occasion that we see each other be spent any better than going for a mini photoshoot. So that is exactly what we did! Back when I was down in Cornwall, was when I found this little jacket of mine from a small sailors shop. From the brand 'Mousqueton Bretagne', based in France. Not only does it look nic[...]


Happy Healthy Hair │ Beauty Tips

Hey, Back in February 2015. I had possibly the worst most brittle, thin and lifeless hair (the worst it had been in my whole life). By the help from some multi vitamins and tlc it had improved dramatically by the summer, but still wasn't good enough. Making a small promise to myself that I was done with having to wash and dry morning and night to still have it looking dirty I would have healthy happy hair by the following time the next year. Personally I think I have done it! I thought I would share some on the steps I have gone through to achieve it, not going t[...]