Lush Haul | ELLEKATE

Sadly,Christmas now feels more of a distant memory, do not worry. I have a post that might bring a little bit of spirit back into your hearts. As most of you reading this are probably well aware, to mark the end of the Christmas sales, LUSH sell off all of their holiday seasons items for half price.(screams with joy)Each year, I have walked past the Newcastle store usually popping in and treating myself to one of the Snow Fairy shower gels, my all-time favourite Lush product. This time, I took that rather a bit further than in previous years.You may be thinking t[...]


Hadrians Tipi Returns | ELLEKATE

It's offically the most wonderful time of the year,Which means, the toons in full christmas swing. With the opening of the christmas markets the other week and all of course the iconic fenwicks window being unvailed. It was time to go for a nice festive drink, which is exactly what me and vic decided to do!Unlike last year, the tipi has been moved to a larger location and expanded to host a small christmas market full of festive foodie treats, more I shall get onto later.I couldnt possibly rate our experience more if I am being totally honest - wether this was dow[...]


Clothes Show Live 2016 │ ELLEKATE

So two sundays back,Had to be one of the best days. If you didn't read my last post, I was asked if I would like to attend clothes show live as a blogger (which was pretty darn cool). So I and the family made the day-long round trip to Birmingham NEC to get to go attend this event.We didn't arrive until 12 pm which is a shame, as I would have love to have been there from the start. However, this didn't change our experience we still had a lovely time. We booked in for a fashion show and went to have a look around the event and try to grab some deals. Overall there[...]


The Nightwear Before Christmas

A few days till Christmas Eve everybody. Have no plans on what you should do the night before the big day, No worries I have you covered.. I’m getting seriously deep into the Christmas spirit. I have drank far too many Starbuck Eggnog Lattes for a start, in the fear of being without them for another 11 months. For my family Christmas Eve is just as important as the big day itself for mine its even bigger, its my Dads birthday. As a tradition we will normally go out with our rather extensive group of friends for a nice meal, movie or my favourite time was bowlin[...]


Throwback Post: 30 questions about me tag.

Hello, A while back I had a slight blog refresh and in doing so I lost some of my old post *Violins playing* But, I am here today with what was my most popular post idea. I am re answering these question as a lot has changed since last time so here we go... 1. What is your full name? Ellie Kate Harkins 2. Zodiac Sign Aries aka The Ram 3. Three Fears.... Death, needles, being alone (deep) 4. Three things I love.. Animals, sleeping / chilling in bed, bae 5. Thing you cannot leave the house without? ...sadly my phone, but I never have internet so not to be anti-[...]


Earliest EVER Christmas Haul….

Nope the title hasn't fooled you. This is possibly the earliest Christmas haul ill possibly ever write for you guys, but of course you will be thinking 'What is she talking about how can she get presents this early', 'STOP, its nowhere near Christmas', or my personal favourite 'It’s too early' it is never too early for Christmas. My real reasoning behind all of this is the other week Myself, Sister and Grandma hit the town to have a little neb around before she heads away for a 6 month trip down under to see my auntie. Being the utterly amazing women she is, ra[...]