Great Exhibition of the North | #GetNorth2018 | ELLEKATE

Happy Thursday!Today, let's talk about the beginning of the Great Exhibition of the North which officially starts tomorrow - Yippee! So, if you haven't heard about what the event is all about, well it's a 90-day festival which will begin on Friday (22nd June) coming to an end on the 9th September. Government funded, cities from all around the North of England placed their bids to be the host city. But Newcastle and Gateshead were victorious!Various events shall be taking place throughout the time of the festival, including a huge 'Angel of the North Fountain' bei[...]


Manchester | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Evening all,Not even far into April, and once again, I have been on another trip. Not even sorry. This time it was a short and sweet night away to Manchester. As you will know if you follow my other social media platforms, if not links are on the right-hand side and to the bottom of this post. But yes, we went to Manchester for a very good reason. That being, after 10 years of loving Fall Out Boy, as part of my 21st Birthday present my mum organized a trip down for me so I may finally see them. So I have to say before I get into this post. Thank you very much to m[...]


24 Hours In London | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Happy Friday!A few short weeks ago, I and my good chummy Charlie decided to take a trip down to London so he could attend a pretty darn important interview. Originally I had planned to write a post on my trip down there and everything which I got up too whilst I pondered around the city, however, I thought that people might appreciate a little photo diary of everything which I got up to whilst I was down there.So enjoy this mini photo series of me having a blissful trip down in the big smog. Apologies for the more shorter styled posts as of recent, I promise that[...]


New York Fashion Week 2016 │ Photograph

Sadly, I am officially back from New York and reality is beginning to kick back in. I had the holiday of a lifetime and have come very close to some lovely people from my university course who I went there with. Before we get to this post I would just like to say there isn't any real in-depth writing I can do into every single day activity simply because I did way too much in the time that I was there but I will put all my video footage into a nice little youtube upload for you to check out later on this week. This was the first holiday I went on by myself without[...]


Edinburgh Adventures

Sunday was a long day coming, For Jacks birthday present I thought it would be nice to take him to the land of the Scotts, I got so excited I ended up blurting it out to him well before I should have... I had got way to excited, sleeping the night before was impossible even thought we had to be up at 6.45! It was a jam packed day of shopping through Princes St., hikes up to the castle, strolls down the royal mile, Derby day blow outs, peaceful pandas and finally hard rock pig outs. But for this blog I just want to let the pictures tell stories.[...]