Universal Orlando Photo Diary | ELLE KATE

heeeellooo!Happy Monday everyone, it has been another moment. I am currently speaking to you all from an A&E waiting room feeling a wee bit worse for wear. But if you follow me on social media, I am sure you will all be aware - last week Dan and I went to Universal Orlando for a holiday of a lifetime. As much as I would like to fill you all in with a big post full of tips and tricks, I am currently lying in bed in quite a bit of pain, don't worry that post will be coming. Rather than waiting around I though that today I would give you all a photo diary of ever[...]


Disneyland Paris Halloween | ELLETRAVELS

Afternoon,Hello, yes, it's me... after a long break I thought that Disney would be the perfect time to put an end to this long overdue 'break' as I shall from now on shall be called. At some time, I will get around to a what I have been up to post, but I won't lie to you all it mainly involves me working my bum off and trying to be an active member to the 9 till 5 society.So if you follow me on social media, if you don't the links to my pages are at the side of this post, then you'll know all about my recent trip to Disneyland Paris.I've been thinking all week lon[...]


Best Places to Eat Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Happy Monday,After a few messages, I've decided to write up what I personally believe was the best places to eat throughout the Disney Land Paris Resort following mine and Beth's recent trip there. Now not all of the images will be my own just either because I didn't take pictures of them or didn't like the photos essentially. I shall also be including Restaurants that are outside of the parks and inside of the Disney Village.I know for a fact that people hate rambling on a post like this, so I'm just going to get into it. So finally, if you would like any other[...]


Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Good Morning,So like I mentioned in my last blog post, and with most of you seeing on my social media pages. The other week I and my good friend Beth got a tad sick of the crappy British summer which we have been having (Until today of course) so we decide we would have a snoop and find out if there was any good last minute holiday offers around. Just by chance, I found possibly the best deal I have ever seen for  Disneyland Paris, staying just off site, breakfast included and park tickets for a reasonable price. So as you do we booked to leave in two weeks for a[...]