Anatomicals Product Review | ELLEKATE

Good Morning.If you all follow my social media platforms you will be well aware of my recent delivery from the wonderful Anatomicals. The brand was ever so kind to have sent over three of their products for me to try out for myself and let you all know my thoughts. A couple of weeks on, and I can happily say that these are well worth a purchase, not only on quality but on price. All of these thoughts are my own, I haven’t been asked to say any of this on behalf of the brand but I felt as if this was a one worth sharing.Another wonderful bonus with Anatomicals ar[...]


Favourite Cruelty Free Beauty Brands | ELLEKATE

Good Morning,In the past ive posted the occasional post towards my cruelty free ways on the blog, but mainly in facebook rants into how people are still oblivious to the fact of what actually happens in these testing facilities. But, do not worry, today we are talking all about the best cruelty free brands that are on the market. Some are at high street prices, others, not so much. Ive made sure that I have left out all the brand which have parent companies which do test, as I know some people prefer that there is no involvement what so ever. Getting straight in[...]


Five Easy Hair Looks │ Back-To-School

Today I'm getting back into the beauty side of things.Since this week in England is officially Freshers and most people are officially back to school, I thought it would be a good time to help with those early morning starts with some quick and easy hair styles, so you can last through that 5 hour lecture and come out looking fabulous.Personally if I leave for University I have to get up for around 7/8am, and that is no time for make up since it takes me an hour to get to my uni. This year I have the mission to not look like a half ass mess when showing up to clas[...]


Urban Outfitters │ Modern Romance Lookbook

Hey.. it's been some time.I have said in my previous posts that I have been hard at work with my university work, I am pleased to say that now that is all done. dusted, and I won't have to be back there until September. So I am returning to my frequent uploading, I have missed it so much! I felt almost lost without it, but now I can forget about that for another few month.Anyways. I had one hand in surrounding a fashion film module, the brief involved making a film for Urban Outfitters. So I decided to make a short 1-minute long film which I have posted on my YouT[...]


Mothers Day Ideas│The Make Pack – Biscotti

Morning, Mothers Day shall soon be upon us and with less than 13 days until the day, you are probably wondering what on earth do you buy the woman who basically has everything they need, and though they are probably expecting a gift they always answer with 'I don't need anything' or 'your my baby I should buy you things' Its not the best when your stressing over what exactly you should get them. Well I have teamed up with a company called 'The Make Pack' who have an excellent range of bake it yourself packages which your mum is sure to love. Today Romy and I sa[...]