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Lady In Red | Spring Style | ELLEKATE

Happy Sunday, Whilst I was uploading some things to Instagram the other day, it got me thinking about how it has been far too long since I did a style post on the blog. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever uploaded a proper style post before. Strange since its one of my favourite things to talk about. I have been obsessing over co-ord outfits for a long time, just never seeming to find something that I would be able to pull off personally. However, one of this season’s hottest styles just so happens to be my dream co-ord creation. Double Denim. O[...]


Mothers Day Walks │ Photography

 Happy Mothers Day,Today I was still not feeling well but we took to the road and went to Bamburgh beach, which if you have never had the chance to go there it possibly my favourite beach in the UK and we have some pretty spectacular beaches. We didn't go for very long it only takes us about an hours car journey to get up there but it was a nice way to spend it with my mum. Driving up there was a little bit of a challenge as our dog (Buddy) hates car journeys so was panting the whole way up there, hopefully with sometime he will start getting use to the them. I w[...]


New York Fashion Week 2016 │ Photograph

Sadly, I am officially back from New York and reality is beginning to kick back in. I had the holiday of a lifetime and have come very close to some lovely people from my university course who I went there with. Before we get to this post I would just like to say there isn't any real in-depth writing I can do into every single day activity simply because I did way too much in the time that I was there but I will put all my video footage into a nice little youtube upload for you to check out later on this week. This was the first holiday I went on by myself without[...]



Today has been quite an exciting day! When we all arrived at the university we heard rumours about a trip to the big apple around the school in February, however after months of waiting and hearing nothing we decided that it wasn't going to happen.... but IT IS! We have just got the confirmation letter sent a few hours ago, and being the mature eighteen year old that I am my parents have decided to let me go ( aka about 6 hours of begging them to let me) No deposits or anything haven't happened yet but I have been holding back basically my student loan just in ca[...]


A fresh start, New beginning. Blog refresh.

So, Basically we all come to a moment in which we stop, and rethink. Lately I have been rethinking a lot. A bit too much it’s something I have become really bad at overthinking, but some things can't be solved by a cuppa tea and a breather. I need to re look at the things in which I am doing, that includes my blog. Ever since I started Uni I stopped caring about a lot of things, including relationships. I may have only been there a few weeks but it completely thrown me off the chart and that honestly my only excuse for neglecting myself and the things in which[...]