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Autumnal Love │ ELLEKATE

Just around the corner lies my favourite season of the year. Autumn.I cannot put a finger on to why this is my favourite time of the year, I've never been a fan of the cold but the nostalgia of sitting, looking out the window covered in a wool blanket clasping onto a hot chocolate (loaded with marshmallows) there is just something about it.So since the season is just around the bend, and this British summer has been possibly the worst weather of all. I thought I'd write a little list of why I love the season, I'm currently writing a project around it also so I[...]


Time To Get Fit │ Running the Great North Run

Not a typical post today,But I have decided as of yesterday to begin training for the Great North Run. If you are not from Britain or the North of England for that matter you may not know what is the run. Well, the Great North Run is a 13.1-mile run (Half Marathon) which will begin in the heart of Newcastle, the course will run over the tyne bridge and end at the coast of South Shields. Not for the light hearted, I mean people have been seriously injured or died from this run, however, let's not put a down point on the situation. But for someone like me, this will[...]


Happy Healthy Hair │ Beauty Tips

Hey, Back in February 2015. I had possibly the worst most brittle, thin and lifeless hair (the worst it had been in my whole life). By the help from some multi vitamins and tlc it had improved dramatically by the summer, but still wasn't good enough. Making a small promise to myself that I was done with having to wash and dry morning and night to still have it looking dirty I would have healthy happy hair by the following time the next year. Personally I think I have done it! I thought I would share some on the steps I have gone through to achieve it, not going t[...]