Ultimate Packing Guide | ELLEKATE

Hey Guys, So in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a mini series for all you all about my holiday in Florida. Today I have the next post all here and gleaming for you all to read about... PACKING! The worlds most hated - but needed activity. I know that time I seriously struggled with packing,getting all the little bits and peices together ant just generally having a clue as to what on earth was going on. Being my first time going away long-haul and by myself (I mean I was with Dan but let's face it the planning and organising of this entire trip[...]



Happy 2019! Hope you all had the best Christmas & New Years. Cause, I spent mine working -mainly- BUT still had a wonderful time chilling with my family and friends. So, you can probably tell from the title of this post about what I am going to talk about, however, let me just give a little disclaimer. Your girl is well aware that I have been very much spoilt this festive season, this post is not at ALL a case of me bragging about what I received, I’d be lucky no matter what I received but I wanted to just share that with all y’all! ….I am a Gucci mam[...]


24 Hours In London | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Happy Friday!A few short weeks ago, I and my good chummy Charlie decided to take a trip down to London so he could attend a pretty darn important interview. Originally I had planned to write a post on my trip down there and everything which I got up too whilst I pondered around the city, however, I thought that people might appreciate a little photo diary of everything which I got up to whilst I was down there.So enjoy this mini photo series of me having a blissful trip down in the big smog. Apologies for the more shorter styled posts as of recent, I promise that[...]


Everyday Make-up Tutorial │ Perfectionist

Hi Guys, Today I had planned to write up a post on my everyday beauty routine, however this didn't exactly go to plan. You see I am aware that this blog is becoming a more popular thing I've starting becoming more of a well perfectionist. Is this a bad thing? personally I don't, I see it as I am now setting higher boundaries for the standard of my work. I have always been somebody who sets themselves too much work for one project and then expects it all to be of the highest quality, has it been hard yeah. I think I have a thing as funny as it sounds with how I d[...]


Becoming a Morning Person│Organisation

Time to get back into a daily routine. Maybe your new year’s resolution is to become more organised in life or getting back into a daily routine. Myself personally, I'm feeling a bit confused with my schedule or what day of the week it may or may not be soooo I have been desperately trying to regain some of motivation to become well a 'morning person'.  These are the top tips that I have gathered together which have been seriously helping me getting back onto my feet.  Sleep routine.  Night owls beware, this step will be the trickiest if you e[...]


Edinburgh Adventures

Sunday was a long day coming, For Jacks birthday present I thought it would be nice to take him to the land of the Scotts, I got so excited I ended up blurting it out to him well before I should have... I had got way to excited, sleeping the night before was impossible even thought we had to be up at 6.45! It was a jam packed day of shopping through Princes St., hikes up to the castle, strolls down the royal mile, Derby day blow outs, peaceful pandas and finally hard rock pig outs. But for this blog I just want to let the pictures tell stories.[...]