Five Easy Hair Looks │ Back-To-School

Today I'm getting back into the beauty side of things.Since this week in England is officially Freshers and most people are officially back to school, I thought it would be a good time to help with those early morning starts with some quick and easy hair styles, so you can last through that 5 hour lecture and come out looking fabulous.Personally if I leave for University I have to get up for around 7/8am, and that is no time for make up since it takes me an hour to get to my uni. This year I have the mission to not look like a half ass mess when showing up to clas[...]


Happy Healthy Hair │ Beauty Tips

Hey, Back in February 2015. I had possibly the worst most brittle, thin and lifeless hair (the worst it had been in my whole life). By the help from some multi vitamins and tlc it had improved dramatically by the summer, but still wasn't good enough. Making a small promise to myself that I was done with having to wash and dry morning and night to still have it looking dirty I would have healthy happy hair by the following time the next year. Personally I think I have done it! I thought I would share some on the steps I have gone through to achieve it, not going t[...]


Everyday Make-up Tutorial │ Perfectionist

Hi Guys, Today I had planned to write up a post on my everyday beauty routine, however this didn't exactly go to plan. You see I am aware that this blog is becoming a more popular thing I've starting becoming more of a well perfectionist. Is this a bad thing? personally I don't, I see it as I am now setting higher boundaries for the standard of my work. I have always been somebody who sets themselves too much work for one project and then expects it all to be of the highest quality, has it been hard yeah. I think I have a thing as funny as it sounds with how I d[...]


Fresh Cut │Hair & Beauty

Like everybody, we all have them times when we get a bit sick of the same old look. Even though it has taken around three-four years for me to grow it to the length that it was. I'm following the trend and gone for the short cut. Mainly because its top trend at the moment, however, I didn't realise just how much I needed it! It is only now that it has gone that I realise just how bad the condition of my end where, plus it's feeling so thick and healthy. Anyways I am blabbering on, I've had five inches snipped off and some layering around my fringe so it holds nic[...]