How to keep productive during the lockdown | ELLE KATE

We’re currently living in strange times, as we experience being stuck indoors to promote social distancing guidance - people around the globe are taking to new and interesting activities to keep themselves entertained. Although we love and salute these ideas I want to encourage you to keep productive during this pandemic. I've pulled together my top ideas to help you get on with living your best life.  Focus on your goals - Now’s a great time to dust off your bucket list, think deeply about your ambitions and what you want to accomplish within the next 5[...]


Date Night Ideas │ ELLEKATE

Date Nights.Now that I have to travel about a half hour on the train to see my boyfriend, we kinda now have to organise and plan out our nights ahead of time rather than just sitting in my room watching endless Netflix. Regardless, wether you live away from you love or if you are just wanting some ideas to help with keeping the relationship interesting, then I have been thinking about some ideas which you can try out.Not so long ago I would sit and search through article upon article on Pinterest, trying to find ideas of what would be a nice idea for the day / nig[...]