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Already Out For Food | Day 2 of 90

Hey, So where here are on the second day, firstly I have to say a big thank you for all the great responses yesterdays post. It's been a long time since I have had the energy to post and everyone's messages and engagement was seriously appreciated. I did 'slightly' cave. In reality, I am possibly being far too hard on myself for something so little. But, Dan and I ended up heading out for food this evening. Here's why. So, not only did we have a little bit of a celebration between the past few days. As I got into work, I checked my diary to see I'd so far gyme[...]


90 Days to a Better Me? | Day 1 of 90

A few weeks ago, I posted online that I'd begun a personal self-journey to get into better shape and health. Even though I would say right now, I'm proudly heading in the right direction. Since starting I've come to the realisation, by giving in on myself I'd gained weight but also lost touch with this blog which is something I am immensely proud of a once LOVED today. Recently, a blogger called Cassey Ho otherwise known as Blogilates has gone through a slightly similar venture as my own. A wish to change her reflection on her current outlook on life. Going on a[...]


Ultimate Packing Guide | ELLEKATE

Hey Guys, So in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a mini series for all you all about my holiday in Florida. Today I have the next post all here and gleaming for you all to read about... PACKING! The worlds most hated - but needed activity. I know that time I seriously struggled with packing,getting all the little bits and peices together ant just generally having a clue as to what on earth was going on. Being my first time going away long-haul and by myself (I mean I was with Dan but let's face it the planning and organising of this entire trip[...]


ZAAP Thai Food | Review | ELLEKATE

Thai'm for a new review!This week, We went over to one of the latest additions to the restaurant scene in Newcastle - Zaap Thai! Aesthetically you are transported to a Bangkok street food market, complete with glowing street signs hanging above you and even Tuk Tuks. Whilst we were having a glace over the menu, we decided to try out a couple of the cocktails which they had on offer and for us, it had to be 'Pucket on the Beach' simply for the amazing use of wordplay! But, I'm so glad this was the drink of choice because I think Leanne will agree these were fantast[...]