World’s Strangest Friday | Day 8 of 90

Good Evening! Most Friday weekends, I'll be sat ready and waiting to take on the next morning. Head off for some Saturday morning coffee dates, a bit of shopping before getting a few drinks with family or friends. Erg. I can just see tomorrow, I'll get up maybe clean, go back to bed. Anyways. Since I was feeling a smudge bit crap, I decided to have a bit of a lie-in. I got up about 30 minutes before starting work and began the day. One thing which has been just great from our management. Usually, in the office, we will have Friday afternoon drinks. So, since we'[...]


It’s official, we’re working from home | Day 6 of 90

Hey guys, So if you couldn't tell already, today's post. Although continuing my day in day out life. We're officially no longer working from the office, but for the foreseeable future, you'll find me with my cuppa, sat at my makeshift desk watching rubbish on Netflix. As I'm sat resting now, my head feels weak. We're only at the first hurdle, and oh my. Although I've managed to maintain an active lifestyle up till now, a frequent gym routine, healthy diet, and all-round feeling good about my wellbeing. I've cried countless times, out of fear and confusion. Which[...]


Illness, Quarantine and Keeping Sane | Day 5 of 90

*tumbleweed* Hey Everyone, Well, ouch. It's been a while. Something which started as me leaving my charger at work, then became me struggling to catch my tail after the weekend, and finally, I got sick. Do I feel like I've failed? Yes, slightly. I should be well into my fourteenth day! Let's use this opportunity to get back on the right track and welcome new beginnings for this challenge. Rather than giving up, we're just going to pick up from where we left off. Firstly, I feel as in everything which is happening at the moment. I was poorly. As no shock, a lot[...]


Mouth of the Tyne Festival | Sam Fender | ELLEKATE

Happy Saturday! If you were not aware from my stupid amount of Instagram story posts, the other night we managed to go along to Mouth of the Tyne to see Sam Fender play the home stage - and my god was it one HELL of a night.  We arrived ready for the forecast of lightning storms and non-stop rain. Personally, I rocked up in a yellow fisherman's raincoat and stomping ground boots. Despite this we got nothing but glorious sunshine - leaving me sweating, ditching the jacket and spending the rest of the evening in my Snoop Dog t-shirt... Did manage to get our[...]


Manchester | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Evening all,Not even far into April, and once again, I have been on another trip. Not even sorry. This time it was a short and sweet night away to Manchester. As you will know if you follow my other social media platforms, if not links are on the right-hand side and to the bottom of this post. But yes, we went to Manchester for a very good reason. That being, after 10 years of loving Fall Out Boy, as part of my 21st Birthday present my mum organized a trip down for me so I may finally see them. So I have to say before I get into this post. Thank you very much to m[...]