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Maxi Dress Styling + Back to ‘Normality’ | ELLE KATE

Right now nothings normal… or well at least not just yet. For about a month, I’ve been craving some sense of ‘normality’ even if it’s a new version of normal. Gosh, putting that down in writing does make me second guess myself. Anyways, I think one thing that would bring me a lot of comforts way back when I was shooting/creating blog content, what better way to celebrate that than to go back to where it all started with my homegirl Jess. Don’t worry; all her links are down at the bottom of this post, you’ll be wanting to check her work[...]


Vlogmas + Clothes Show Live │ Life Updates

Good Afternoon all,So! I am currently working towards my final hand in's for this semester at University, I am for that reason going to be a bit inactive on the blog and my other social media's. But that will be all over by December 15th and I'm counting down the day's, as I have a pretty exciting December lined up for you all. I have decided maybe that it was time to take part in Vlog / Blogmas as I have never taken part in my time blogging, and though there is a lot of time involved it seems to be a fun thing to take part in. If you are wanting to subscribe to m[...]


Date Night Ideas │ ELLEKATE

Date Nights.Now that I have to travel about a half hour on the train to see my boyfriend, we kinda now have to organise and plan out our nights ahead of time rather than just sitting in my room watching endless Netflix. Regardless, wether you live away from you love or if you are just wanting some ideas to help with keeping the relationship interesting, then I have been thinking about some ideas which you can try out.Not so long ago I would sit and search through article upon article on Pinterest, trying to find ideas of what would be a nice idea for the day / nig[...]


Day of Photography │ ELLEKATE

It's been a while,But I have been focusing on my work and self which to me is the most important thing of all. A few of you will know that last week I took a last minute trip to Disney Land Paris, but don't worry I made sure to capture as much of the trip as I could and a post will be out once I have edited all of the photos. Anyways, with Jess being home for a few days we had a chance to go out and go back to getting a few photos of me like old times. In all honesty, it was a strange feeling to be back behind the lens like in a professional sense as it has been s[...]