Freshly Cosmetics Product Review

Hey, A few weeks ago I was approached by the wonderful folks at Freshly Cosmetics, newly launched in the UK they are a big deal back in their home of Spain. So before I even begin I would like to say a big thank you to them for considering to collaborate with me on this post and to kindly gift me some products to give a whirl.   Let’s get straight into it then. I am going to start with giving out a bit of a background into the company – not because I have to. I WANT TO. I mean, come on this company are doing incredible things, why I hear you ask? B[...]


Tech Therapy │ ELLEKATE

Afternoon!So, like I said in my previous post my aim for this year is going to be to create content for this blog, or youtube content at least once a week. Starting now! I didn't really know how to begin all of this, so I found that in the past I have received messages and comments surrounding what I do at University. Quite interestingly, I am a Fashion Communication student located in my home town of Newcastle at Northumbria University. I do believe that I have discussed what I do at Universtiy in the past on my blog, however not what that involves me to do...[...]


Magnitone ‘Full Monty’ Review │ Beauty

New year, New Beauty, I’ve been on the search for making this the year I finally crack down with caring for my body inside and out. This all started with beauty products. One Christmas eve there was a knock on the door which the lovely people at Magnitone had sent me there ‘Full Monty‘ cleansing brush for me to review. Using Vibra – Sonic technology this brush with their three interchanging heads and various motion settings helps buff, exfoliate and cleanse your skin to beaming brilliance seeing changes from the first use. Opening this product it com[...]