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Manchester | Elle Travels | ELLEKATE

Evening all,Not even far into April, and once again, I have been on another trip. Not even sorry. This time it was a short and sweet night away to Manchester. As you will know if you follow my other social media platforms, if not links are on the right-hand side and to the bottom of this post. But yes, we went to Manchester for a very good reason. That being, after 10 years of loving Fall Out Boy, as part of my 21st Birthday present my mum organized a trip down for me so I may finally see them. So I have to say before I get into this post. Thank you very much to m[...]


Finnnaallly here | The Cornwall Diaries | ELLEKATE

After two days of travelling, we have finally arrived in Cornwall.Well, we shall be staying in the beautiful bay of Falmouth for the next several days and we have lots of plans whilst we are down here. Best to have it all crammed into the next week because I don't believe I could handle that drive for a very long time. (except to get home of course).So. After waking up this morning in the beautiful Bull Inn which was close to Oxford, it was time for the drive down. I took some last minute pictures of the hotel before we left and obviously had some food as well. Th[...]


FRIENDS FEST | The Cornwall Diaries | ELLEKATE

aaaah, Today finally meant a holiday, the last time I went on a trip away was over a year ago so you can probably tell that it has been LONG overdue. We didn't end up leaving the house until about 12 o'clock, which was rather late to leave the toon seeing as we had to be in Oxford by 5 at the latest. But after a very rocky car journey, and a not so happy pooch. We made it to Blenheim Palace just in time to experience Friends Fest, which is currently travelling around the country in celebration of everything F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In all honesty, if I was to sit here and[...]


Stuck in the Upside Down │ Day Trip Away

Nope this isn't a Stranger Things related post,I just enjoyed the reference... sorry.Lately, there has been a hell of a lot of University work and I wouldn't mind being able to just maintaining that but there has been other issues surrounding the past month and I felt like there was something I needed to do to refresh my mind. Get some clarity.Since we are in the half term, me and Jack decided to get away for the afternoon and go somewhere nice. When I was little I always wanted to run off to the Lake District when ever there was something bothering me, and so I k[...]