Valentines Day Outfit Idea │ Day in Leeds.

Hello! So as requested I'm going to start working more with my styling in my blog, and what better day to start it on that Valentine's day. I have always been a sucker for Valentine's day, with all of the pretty flowers, being able to lie in bed to eat loads of chocolate and all of the quirky funny illustrations you find whilst scrolling through Pinterest. I had to head down to Leeds for the day, to complete some work for uni, and since Jess now lives in Leeds for a university. What better excuse to do a little Valentines Outfit of the day post! If you want to s[...]


Urban Outfitters │ Modern Romance Lookbook

Hey.. it's been some time.I have said in my previous posts that I have been hard at work with my university work, I am pleased to say that now that is all done. dusted, and I won't have to be back there until September. So I am returning to my frequent uploading, I have missed it so much! I felt almost lost without it, but now I can forget about that for another few month.Anyways. I had one hand in surrounding a fashion film module, the brief involved making a film for Urban Outfitters. So I decided to make a short 1-minute long film which I have posted on my YouT[...]


Happy Healthy Hair │ Beauty Tips

Hey, Back in February 2015. I had possibly the worst most brittle, thin and lifeless hair (the worst it had been in my whole life). By the help from some multi vitamins and tlc it had improved dramatically by the summer, but still wasn't good enough. Making a small promise to myself that I was done with having to wash and dry morning and night to still have it looking dirty I would have healthy happy hair by the following time the next year. Personally I think I have done it! I thought I would share some on the steps I have gone through to achieve it, not going t[...]


Everyday Make-up Tutorial │ Perfectionist

Hi Guys, Today I had planned to write up a post on my everyday beauty routine, however this didn't exactly go to plan. You see I am aware that this blog is becoming a more popular thing I've starting becoming more of a well perfectionist. Is this a bad thing? personally I don't, I see it as I am now setting higher boundaries for the standard of my work. I have always been somebody who sets themselves too much work for one project and then expects it all to be of the highest quality, has it been hard yeah. I think I have a thing as funny as it sounds with how I d[...]