Five Easy Hair Looks │ Back-To-School

Today I'm getting back into the beauty side of things.Since this week in England is officially Freshers and most people are officially back to school, I thought it would be a good time to help with those early morning starts with some quick and easy hair styles, so you can last through that 5 hour lecture and come out looking fabulous.Personally if I leave for University I have to get up for around 7/8am, and that is no time for make up since it takes me an hour to get to my uni. This year I have the mission to not look like a half ass mess when showing up to clas[...]


Come chill with me.

I think everybody has those months when everything is just go go go! For me that has been this month, if I haven't been working I have been at uni or finishing off deadlines. Probably should be doing that right now however I need some chill time which everybody needs from time to time and I thought I would share how I manage to calm myself down after a long day. I normally start with a little workout, because thought you may not think it working out can help you just release stress, I always feel amazing afterwards. I shall either go to my local gym for a few hou[...]