Ultimate Packing Guide | ELLEKATE

Hey Guys, So in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a mini series for all you all about my holiday in Florida. Today I have the next post all here and gleaming for you all to read about... PACKING! The worlds most hated - but needed activity. I know that time I seriously struggled with packing,getting all the little bits and peices together ant just generally having a clue as to what on earth was going on. Being my first time going away long-haul and by myself (I mean I was with Dan but let's face it the planning and organising of this entire trip[...]


Disney Planning | Disney Series | ELLEKATE

Happy Friday!If you saw a while ago, just before my birthday, my wonderful Mum surprised me and my sister with a trip to Disneyland Paris at the end of this year for Halloween! Something which I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember.Since I am on a personal countdown to when we jet off to Paris, I thought I would start by making a mini-series all about planning ahead for the big trip (even if it's over half a year away). Personally, I have been to Disneyland Paris many a time now, so do have a fair bit of knowledge about what the parks have to offer, in[...]


Finnnaallly here | The Cornwall Diaries | ELLEKATE

After two days of travelling, we have finally arrived in Cornwall.Well, we shall be staying in the beautiful bay of Falmouth for the next several days and we have lots of plans whilst we are down here. Best to have it all crammed into the next week because I don't believe I could handle that drive for a very long time. (except to get home of course).So. After waking up this morning in the beautiful Bull Inn which was close to Oxford, it was time for the drive down. I took some last minute pictures of the hotel before we left and obviously had some food as well. Th[...]


Disneyland Paris │ ELLEKATE

Good Morning,So like I mentioned in my last blog post, and with most of you seeing on my social media pages. The other week I and my good friend Beth got a tad sick of the crappy British summer which we have been having (Until today of course) so we decide we would have a snoop and find out if there was any good last minute holiday offers around. Just by chance, I found possibly the best deal I have ever seen for  Disneyland Paris, staying just off site, breakfast included and park tickets for a reasonable price. So as you do we booked to leave in two weeks for a[...]


Florida Vacation │ Family Photobook

Fall is upon us! However I am still waiting for more sunshine having returned from the sunshine state only around three days ago, I'm happy sad to be home as I begin my University corse I week today which is all good! But having to adjust from 35 degrees to less than 10 degrees... lets just say it has been a challenge. Like I promised I have loads of lovely products to share with you all in a haul, but for now whist I get all my things unpacked and prepare myself for my new course I thought I would leave you all with a few photos from Me and my wonderful family's[...]