Clothes Show Live 2016 │ ELLEKATE

So two sundays back,Had to be one of the best days. If you didn't read my last post, I was asked if I would like to attend clothes show live as a blogger (which was pretty darn cool). So I and the family made the day-long round trip to Birmingham NEC to get to go attend this event.We didn't arrive until 12 pm which is a shame, as I would have love to have been there from the start. However, this didn't change our experience we still had a lovely time. We booked in for a fashion show and went to have a look around the event and try to grab some deals. Overall there[...]


A London Montage │ ELLEKATE

Evening, I returned home from London early yesterday morning, after one of the most spectacular times away I wanted to get working on some of the footage I took straight away. I have uploaded a little youtube video for my channel which I shall link below so you can all check it out. It defiantly not my finest, I've put that down to the fact I was more concerned with making the most of my trip and enjoying the two little days we had there before returning back to work a few hours after I got off the bus ! Any ways, I would still love to hear some feedback off you a[...]


Day of Photography │ ELLEKATE

It's been a while,But I have been focusing on my work and self which to me is the most important thing of all. A few of you will know that last week I took a last minute trip to Disney Land Paris, but don't worry I made sure to capture as much of the trip as I could and a post will be out once I have edited all of the photos. Anyways, with Jess being home for a few days we had a chance to go out and go back to getting a few photos of me like old times. In all honesty, it was a strange feeling to be back behind the lens like in a professional sense as it has been s[...]


Urban Outfitters │ Modern Romance Lookbook

Hey.. it's been some time.I have said in my previous posts that I have been hard at work with my university work, I am pleased to say that now that is all done. dusted, and I won't have to be back there until September. So I am returning to my frequent uploading, I have missed it so much! I felt almost lost without it, but now I can forget about that for another few month.Anyways. I had one hand in surrounding a fashion film module, the brief involved making a film for Urban Outfitters. So I decided to make a short 1-minute long film which I have posted on my YouT[...]


Introducing the Diamond Room │ Gemporia

Good Morning all, Now, this post is rather different to the ones I would normally put on my site. However, I think that you will enjoy this one. If you direct your memories back a few weeks you will remember that I did a collaboration with the company 'Gemporia' a site dedicated to getting you beautiful gems for a affordable price (Who could say no to that right). Well the people at Gemporia have contacted me again this week to tell me all about there latest addition to the brand, The Diamond Room. Not launching until the 4th March 2016 this is a little sneaky pee[...]


Party Jewellery │ Gemporia Collaboration

Party season may well be behind us, But who says that it is time to stop looking glam? Working alongside the lovely Huns at Gemporia we have you sorted with my personal party hot list jewellery. I shall be linking each piece back over to the Gemporia website so that you can get your hands on them. When it comes to Jewlery I am queen of anything dainty, I like anything small but full of sparkle. I shall wear fashion jewellery from time to time but I prefer to have my jewels say something when people see them. On the Gemporia website they allow you to buy beautiful[...]