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Already Out For Food | Day 2 of 90

Hey, So where here are on the second day, firstly I have to say a big thank you for all the great responses yesterdays post. It's been a long time since I have had the energy to post and everyone's messages and engagement was seriously appreciated. I did 'slightly' cave. In reality, I am possibly being far too hard on myself for something so little. But, Dan and I ended up heading out for food this evening. Here's why. So, not only did we have a little bit of a celebration between the past few days. As I got into work, I checked my diary to see I'd so far gyme[...]


90 Days to a Better Me? | Day 1 of 90

A few weeks ago, I posted online that I'd begun a personal self-journey to get into better shape and health. Even though I would say right now, I'm proudly heading in the right direction. Since starting I've come to the realisation, by giving in on myself I'd gained weight but also lost touch with this blog which is something I am immensely proud of a once LOVED today. Recently, a blogger called Cassey Ho otherwise known as Blogilates has gone through a slightly similar venture as my own. A wish to change her reflection on her current outlook on life. Going on a[...]


Lazy Health Tips | Slim Life Tea | ELLEKATE

Hey guys,I don't know about any of you guys, however, I am starting to become a little bit of a lazy person. Healthy eating and keeping an organised health and fitness plan can be well, a bit of a pain in the arse. But for the past few weeks, I have been keeping a log of how I've managed to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the luxury of having a summer without university work.1. Walking the Dog.Sorry if you want a pooch but are yet to have a fluffy companion, maybe this is the excuse you need to talk a partner into getting one. But walking you[...]


Time To Get Fit │ Running the Great North Run

Not a typical post today,But I have decided as of yesterday to begin training for the Great North Run. If you are not from Britain or the North of England for that matter you may not know what is the run. Well, the Great North Run is a 13.1-mile run (Half Marathon) which will begin in the heart of Newcastle, the course will run over the tyne bridge and end at the coast of South Shields. Not for the light hearted, I mean people have been seriously injured or died from this run, however, let's not put a down point on the situation. But for someone like me, this will[...]