Time To Close This Chapter | ELLEKATE

It began with dreams, high hopes.Daily I would be reminding myself that I should allow to take each day as it comes, not just overthinking what had already came to be. But, as the days would go by for some bizarre reason I found it getting worse. Come summer I thought I had hit a high, but let's just say I may as well had taken one step forward and ten back.As much as I would love to sit here, getting into full depth over how my life came to end me deciding not to celebrate the ending of 2017; but that's not something I don't think I could be emotionally ready to[...]


Vlogmas + Clothes Show Live │ Life Updates

Good Afternoon all,So! I am currently working towards my final hand in's for this semester at University, I am for that reason going to be a bit inactive on the blog and my other social media's. But that will be all over by December 15th and I'm counting down the day's, as I have a pretty exciting December lined up for you all. I have decided maybe that it was time to take part in Vlog / Blogmas as I have never taken part in my time blogging, and though there is a lot of time involved it seems to be a fun thing to take part in. If you are wanting to subscribe to m[...]


Adore Me │ Fall Love Book

Hey,So I'm back again with one of my all time favourite companies, Adore me. If you cast your mind back to last winter. I did a post called the 'The Nightwear Before Christmas', showing all my favourites from their latest collection that I would love to have owned along with all the things I love to do on the night before Christmas. This time I am back working with them, but on a fall inspiration board.Personally, I feel so much better heading out for the day with a matching set of underwear (even though nobody can see it) and some nice shade of lipstick to match[...]


Goodnight 2015

Dear 2015, Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, on the first few pages we didn't see eye to eye. Shutting the door to many people around me constantly just working or studying I got lost to what was really important, myself. It didn't take long for that to change, when I got matched with boyfriend by my best friend, our first date being possibly one of the most nervous days of my life the second we got to talking that all changed sitting there for over several hours just talking, not looking back. I think my year would have been such a different tale without that[...]


Earliest EVER Christmas Haul….

Nope the title hasn't fooled you. This is possibly the earliest Christmas haul ill possibly ever write for you guys, but of course you will be thinking 'What is she talking about how can she get presents this early', 'STOP, its nowhere near Christmas', or my personal favourite 'It’s too early' it is never too early for Christmas. My real reasoning behind all of this is the other week Myself, Sister and Grandma hit the town to have a little neb around before she heads away for a 6 month trip down under to see my auntie. Being the utterly amazing women she is, ra[...]


Take A Walk │Winter Wear

We all have our own fair share of stress!Everyone has their own personal way of fighting that sinking feeling. Mine happens to be exercise, which is actually rather common than some other methods out there. Some people Read, Sing, Run, Draw there are a list of things which can help you clean out your mind and move on with your day. If I have learnt anything from stressing over the little things in life it’s that you have got to pick yourself up and just move on other wise your just going to continue digging a hole for yourself. It can take a while to find out wh[...]