A London Montage │ ELLEKATE

Evening, I returned home from London early yesterday morning, after one of the most spectacular times away I wanted to get working on some of the footage I took straight away. I have uploaded a little youtube video for my channel which I shall link below so you can all check it out. It defiantly not my finest, I've put that down to the fact I was more concerned with making the most of my trip and enjoying the two little days we had there before returning back to work a few hours after I got off the bus ! Any ways, I would still love to hear some feedback off you a[...]


Everyday Make-up Tutorial │ Perfectionist

Hi Guys, Today I had planned to write up a post on my everyday beauty routine, however this didn't exactly go to plan. You see I am aware that this blog is becoming a more popular thing I've starting becoming more of a well perfectionist. Is this a bad thing? personally I don't, I see it as I am now setting higher boundaries for the standard of my work. I have always been somebody who sets themselves too much work for one project and then expects it all to be of the highest quality, has it been hard yeah. I think I have a thing as funny as it sounds with how I d[...]